Wikathon 2021 Wrap-Up

Aug 31, 2021

wikathon 2021 filipino boogaloo

Buwan ng wika and wikathon has come to an end this year, so it's time to see how I fared in reading for the occasion. TL;DR I did not accomplish all on my wikathon tbr nor did I complete every box on the bingo card (see below). However, I am proud of the quality of the books by Filipino authors I got to last month.

It was such a fun time celebrating and reading (I even joined my cousins in Philippines via FaceTime for celebrations!) for wikathon/buwan ng wika and I cannot wait to celebrate again next year! Please continue to support Filipino authors all year-round. If you've participated this year, share your links in the comments below so I can check them out! 😊

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Wikathon Bingo

[Image Source: @yourtitakate]

wikathon bingo

Bagong Salta 🠖 Brown Boy Nowhere by Sheeryl Lim (★★★★)
Desentralisasyon 🠖 Igorotdo: The Enlightened Warrior Within by Rexcrisanto Delson (★★★)
Ilustrado 🠖 Ang Larong Nagwakas Sa Atin by Fe Esperanza Trampe (★★★★)
Kayod 🠖 Eating Fire and Drinking Water by Arlene J. Chai (★★★)
Baylan 🠖 The Difficult Loves of Maria Makiling by Wayne Santos (★★★★) | The Bolo Warrior by A.A. Lee (★★★★)
Tula 🠖 Purpose in Paralysis: From Chronic Pain to Universal Gain by Jaisa Sulit (★★★★) | I Must Belong Somewhere: Poetry and Prose by Dawn Lanuza (★★★★★)

Total: 8

Until next year, wikathon/buwan ng wika!

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🌱 Have you read any of the titles mentioned in this post? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

🌱 Do any of the titles mentioned above interest you? Be sure to add them to your tbrs and to support the authors.

In addition to supporting Filipino authors and creators, be sure to also support Filipinos in Philippines by helping them to #junkterrorlaw and uphold human rights there with JUNK TERROR LAW NOW! and this carrd PARA SA PINAS!, end the Jeepney phaseouts for safer public transports with PARA SA PINAS!, save Lumad schools from attacks with PARA SA PINAS!, and donate to COVID relief efforts/Filipino farmers affected by the pandemic/typhoon reliefs with PARA SA PINAS!

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