Top Ten Books on My Fall 2020 TBR

Sep 22, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday is a bookish meme, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week's topic is...

Top Ten Books on My Fall 2020 TBR

I'm such a mood reader that I don't really have much of a Fall TBR aside from a compilation of books to read for Latinx Heritage Month and a few spooky Halloween reads. So, for this post I will list the books that releases this Fall that I am looking forward to reading as soon as they come out (or as soon as they're available on cloudLibrary or Kobo Audio). Enjoy! ๐Ÿ˜Š

god storm coco ma
God Storm by Cocoa Ma

Everything has a price. 

In the kingdom of Axaria, a darkness has fallen. After defeating the evil mother who summoned an immortal demon to kill her, newly coronated Queen Asterin Faelenhart should have every reason to celebrate. Her kingdom is safe, forbidden magic eradicated, and her friends are alive. Except Asterin’s triumph has come at a devastating cost - forced to choose between a lifelong friend and true love, she’s lost both. But the shadows in Axaria have begun to stir once again, and no one is more starved for vengeance than Asterin....

But in a world of magic, not everyone is always as they seem. When shocking discoveries threaten everything and everyone Asterin has sworn her life to protect, she won’t be the only person forced to make a choice...a choice that will change the mortal world forever. 

And maybe even destroy it.

I absolutely enjoyed the first book Shadow Frost and am so excited to see what happens in this sequel!

the ever cruel kingdom rin chupeco
The Ever Cruel Kingdom by Rin Chupeco ๐ŸŒˆ

After a treacherous journey and a life-shattering meeting with a twin neither knew they had, Haidee and Odessa expected to emerge from the Great Abyss to a world set right. But though the planet is turning once again, the creatures of the abyss will not rest until they have tasted another goddess’s sacrifice. 

To break the cycle, Haidee and Odessa need answers that lie beyond the seven gates of the underworld, within the Cruel Kingdom itself. The shadows of the underworld may hunger to tear them apart, but these two sisters are determined to heal their world—together.

Another sequel I'm looking forward to this Fall is The Ever Cruel Kingdom, and I can just feel that Rin is going to hurt our faves and our feels in this one. I can't wait. (Also appreciate kingdom being in the title. No, I am not at all biased ๐Ÿ˜‰)

the ikessar falcon by k. s. villoso
The Ikassar Falcon by K.S. Villoso

"The stunning sequel to The Wolf of Oren-yaro where the queen of a divided land struggles to unite her people. Even if they despise her. K. S. Villoso is a "powerful new voice in fantasy." --Kameron Hurley

The spiral to madness begins with a single push.
Abandoned by her people, Queen Talyien's quest takes a turn for the worst as she stumbles upon a plot deeper and more sinister than she could have ever imagined, one that will displace her king and see her son dead. The road home beckons, strewn with a tangled web of deceit and impossible horrors that unearth the nation's true troubles - creatures from the dark, mad dragons, and men with hearts hungry for power.
To save her land, Talyien must confront the myth others have built around her: Warlord Yeshin's daughter, symbol of peace, warrior and queen, and everything she could never be.
The price of failure is steep. Her friends are few. And a nation carved by a murderer can only be destined for war.

Last of the sequels on this list, I promise lol. I've heard from trusted blogger friends that The Ikessar Falcon will absolutely ruin us, and I'm equally afraid and excited to see where Kay takes these characters we've grown to love to hate and hate to love.

lies like poison chelsea pitcher
Lies Like Poison
by Chelsea Pitcher ๐ŸŒˆ

Poppy, Lily, and Belladonna would do anything to protect their best friend, Raven. So when they discovered he was suffering abuse at the hands of his stepmother, they came up with a lethal plan: petals of poppy, belladonna, and lily in her evening tea so she’d never be able to hurt Raven again. But someone got cold feet, the plot faded to a secret of the past, and the group fell apart.

Now, everyone has something to lose and something equally dangerous to hide. And when the tangled web of secrets and betrayal is finally unwound, what lies at its heart will change the group forever.

master of one jaida jones dani bennett
Master of One by Jaida Jones, Dani Bennett ๐ŸŒˆ

Sinister sorcery. Gallows humor. A queer romance so glorious it could be right out of fae legend itself. Master of One is a fantasy unlike any other. 

Rags is a thief—an excellent one. He’s stolen into noble’s coffers, picked soldier’s pockets, and even liberated a ring or two off the fingers of passersby. Until he’s caught by the Queensguard and forced to find an ancient fae relic for a sadistic royal sorcerer. 

With the heist and intrigue of Six of Crows and the dark fairy tale feel of The Cruel Prince, this young adult fantasy debut will have readers rooting for a pair of reluctant heroes as they take on a world-ending fae prophecy, a malicious royal plot, and, most dangerously of all, their feelings for each other.

Yes, Master of One is on yet another TTT post of mine and I have no shame about it. I'm so flippin excited for this one!

sweet on you carla de guzman

All’s fair in love and prank wars 

For barista and cafรฉ owner Sari Tomas, Christmas means parols, family and no-holds-barred karaoke contests. This year, though, a new neighbor is throwing a wrench in all her best-laid plans. The baker next door—“some fancy boy from Manila”—might have cute buns, but when he tries to poach her customers with cheap coffee and cheaper tactics, the competition is officially on. 

And Baker Boy better be ready, because Sari never loses. 

It’s winner takes all this Christmas. And more than one competitor might just lose their heart for the holidays.

I received an advanced review copy (thanks, Carina Press!) of this Filipino romance from one of my favorite authors, Carla de Guzman, and I am so excited to dive into this holiday romance.

a curse of roses diana pinguicha

With just one touch, bread turns into roses. With just one bite, cheese turns into lilies. 

There’s a famine plaguing the land, and Princess Yzabel is wasting food simply by trying to eat. Before she can even swallow, her magic—her curse—has turned her meal into a bouquet. She’s on the verge of starving, which only reminds her that the people of Portugal have been enduring the same pain. 

If only it were possible to reverse her magic. Then she could turn flowers…into food. 

Based on Portuguese legend, this #OwnVoices historical fantasy is an epic tale of mystery, magic, and making the impossible choice between love and duty…

ana on the edge a.j. sass

Twelve-year-old Ana-Marie Jin, the reigning US Juvenile figure skating champion, is not a frilly dress kind of kid. So, when Ana learns that next season's program will be princess themed, doubt forms fast. Still, Ana tries to focus on training and putting together a stellar routine worthy of national success. 

Once Ana meets Hayden, a transgender boy new to the rink, thoughts about the princess program and gender identity begin to take center stage. And when Hayden mistakes Ana for a boy, Ana doesn't correct him and finds comfort in this boyish identity when he's around. As their friendship develops, Ana realizes that it's tricky juggling two different identities on one slippery sheet of ice. And with a major competition approaching, Ana must decide whether telling everyone the truth is worth risking years of hard work and sacrifice.

beyond the ruby veil mara fitzgerald

A dark, queer YA fantasy that's perfect for fans of the Three Dark Crowns series and Wicked Saints. After Emanuela Ragno kills the one person in Occhia who can create water, she must find a way to save her city from dying of thirst. 

Emanuela Ragno always gets what she wants. With her daring mind and socialite schemes, she refuses to be the demure young lady everyone wants her to be. In her most ambitious move yet, she's about to marry Alessandro Morandi, her childhood best friend and the heir to the wealthiest house in Occhia. Emanuela doesn't care that she and her groom are both gay, because she doesn't want a love match. She wants power, and through Ale, she'll have it all.

the thirty names of night

The author of the “vivid and urgent…important and timely” (The New York Times Book Review) debut The Map of Salt and Stars returns with this remarkably moving and lyrical novel following three generations of Syrian Americans who are linked by a mysterious species of bird and the truths they carry close to their hearts. 

Five years after a suspicious fire killed his ornithologist mother, a closeted Syrian American trans boy sheds his birth name and searches for a new one. He has been unable to paint since his mother’s ghost has begun to visit him each evening. As his grandmother’s sole caretaker, he spends his days cooped up in their apartment, avoiding his neighborhood masjid, his estranged sister, and even his best friend (who also happens to be his longtime crush). The only time he feels truly free is when he slips out at night to paint murals on buildings in the once-thriving Manhattan neighborhood known as Little Syria.

and one more, as a treat...

These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong

Perfect for fans of The Last Magician and Descendant of the Crane, this heart-stopping debut is an imaginative Romeo and Juliet retelling set in 1920s Shanghai, with rival gangs and a monster in the depths of the Huangpu River. 

The year is 1926, and Shanghai hums to the tune of debauchery. 

A blood feud between two gangs runs the streets red, leaving the city helpless in the grip of chaos. At the heart of it all is eighteen-year-old Juliette Cai, a former flapper who has returned to assume her role as the proud heir of the Scarlet Gang—a network of criminals far above the law. Their only rivals in power are the White Flowers, who have fought the Scarlets for generations. And behind every move is their heir, Roma Montagov, Juliette’s first love…and first betrayal. 

But when gangsters on both sides show signs of instability culminating in clawing their own throats out, the people start to whisper. Of a contagion, a madness. Of a monster in the shadows. As the deaths stack up, Juliette and Roma must set their guns—and grudges—aside and work together, for if they can’t stop this mayhem, then there will be no city left for either to rule.

As a member of the #ScarletGang, it is my duty to tell you that you must add These Violent Delights to your TBR. And await to meet Juliette and Roma, and pick which you gang you fight for come November 17: the Scarlet Gang or the White Flowers. Choose wisely.

In true EK fashion, I didn't stick to 10 books on
yet another TTT post. What are on your Fall
(or Spring if you're in the Southern Hemisphere)

Top Ten Stunning 2021 Book Covers

Sep 15, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday is a bookish meme, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week's topic is...

Cover Freebie

so I chose to feature stunning book covers for 2021 titles

gearbreakers by zoe hana mikuta

Gearbreakers by Zoe Hana Mikuta

Publication date: June 29, 2021

Cover designer/artist: Taj Francis

Two girls on opposite sides of a war discover they're fighting for a common purpose—and falling for each other—in Zoe Hana Mikuta's high-octane debut Gearbreakers, perfect for fans of Pacific Rim, Pierce Brown's Red Rising Saga, and Marie Lu's Legend series.

We went past praying to deities and started to build them instead...

The shadow of Godolia's tyrannical rule is spreading, aided by their giant mechanized weapons known as Windups. War and oppression are everyday constants for the people of the Badlands, who live under the thumb of their cruel Godolian overlords.

honey girl by morgan rogers sapphic f/f wlw bipoc rep

Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers

Publication date: February 23, 2021

Cover designer/artist: Unknown

A refreshingly timely and relatable debut novel about a young woman whose life plans fall apart when she meets her wife.

With her newly completed PhD in astronomy in hand, twenty-eight-year-old Grace Porter goes on a girls’ trip to Vegas to celebrate. She’s a straight A, work-through-the-summer certified high achiever. She is not the kind of person who goes to Vegas and gets drunkenly married to a woman whose name she doesn’t know…until she does exactly that.

In New York, she’s able to ignore all the annoying questions about her future plans and falls hard for her creative and beautiful wife, Yuki Yamamoto. But when reality comes crashing in, Grace must face what she’s been running from all along—the fears that make us human, the family scars that need to heal and the longing for connection, especially when navigating the messiness of adulthood.

Note: Honey Girl is an Adult contemporary romance, not YA (although it would appeal to fans/readers of YA). I've had the opportunity to read this wholesome sapphic romance and I absolutely loved it. Highly recommend for those who love sapphic BIPOC rep with found family theme.

firekeeper's daughter by angeline boulley

Firekeeper's Daughter by Angeline Boulley

Publication date: March 2, 2021

Cover designer/artist: Moses Lunham, Rich Deas

Debut author Angeline Boulley crafts a groundbreaking YA thriller about a Native teen who must root out the corruption in her community, for readers of Angie Thomas and Tommy Orange.

As a biracial, unenrolled tribal member and the product of a scandal, eighteen-year-old Daunis Fontaine has never quite fit in, both in her hometown and on the nearby Ojibwe reservation. Daunis dreams of studying medicine, but when her family is struck by tragedy, she puts her future on hold to care for her fragile mother.

wings of ebony by j. elle black girl magic

Wings of Ebony by J. Elle

Publication date: February 23, 2021

Cover designer/artist: Unknown

In this riveting, keenly emotional debut fantasy, a teen girl from Houston has her world upended when she learns about her godly ancestry—and with evil sinking its claws into humans and gods alike, she’ll have to master her abilities to save both her worlds.

Rue’s family is her whole life, and East Row, the Houston neighborhood she calls home, is her world. But then the unthinkable happens. Rue’s mom is murdered, and a father she’s never met snatches her away from her sister. Now Rue is far away from everything she knows, trapped in her father’s home, Ghazan, a secret country of gods.

witches steeped in gold by ciannon smart black girl magic

Witches Steeped in Gold by Ciannon Smart

Publication date: April 20, 2021

Cover designer/artist: Ashley Straker

Divided by their castes. United by their vengeance.

Iraya has spent her life in a cell, but every day brings her closer to freedom—and vengeance.

Jazmyne is the queen’s daughter, but unlike her sister before her, she has no intention of dying to strengthen her mother’s power.

Sworn enemies, these two witches enter a precarious alliance to take down a mutual threat. But revenge is a bloody pursuit, and nothing is certain—except the lengths they will go to win this game.

when night breaks by janella angeles

When Night Breaks by Janella Angeles

Publication date: June 8, 2021

Cover designer/artist: Kerri Resnick, Micaela Alcaino (Illustrator)

In Janella Angeles's When Night Breaks, the dramatic last act of the Kingdom of Cards duology, the stage is set, the spectacle awaits… and the show must finally come to an end.

The competition has come to a disastrous end, and Daron Demarco’s fall from grace is now front page news. But little matters to him beyond Kallia, the contestant he fell for who is now lost to this world and in the hands of a dangerous magician. Daron is willing to do whatever it takes to find her. Even if it means embarking on a dark and treacherous journey, risking more than just his life, with no promise of return.

cazadora by romina garber lobizona

Cazadora by Romina Garber

Publication date: August 17, 2021

Cover designer/artist: Kerri Resnick, Daria Hlazatova

In Cazadora, the follow-up to Lobizona, Romina Garber continues to weave Argentine folklore and real-world issues into a haunting, fantastical, and romantic story that will reunite readers with Manu and her friends as they continue to fight for a better future.

we free the stars by hafsah faizal we hunt the flame

We Free the Stars by Hafsah Faizal

Publication date: January 9, 2021

Cover designer/artist: Simon Prades, Elizabeth H. Clark, Erin Fitzsimmons, Ray Shappell

The sequel to the New York Times–bestselling We Hunt the Flame, Zafira and Nasir must conquer the darkness around—and inside of—them.

The battle on Sharr is over. The dark forest has fallen. Altair may be captive, but Zafira, Nasir, and Kifah are bound for Sultan’s Keep, determined to finish the plan he set in motion: restoring the hearts of the Sisters of Old to the minarets of each caliphate, and finally returning magic to all of Arawiya. But they are low on resources and allies alike, and the kingdom teems with fear of the Lion of the Night’s return.

Lush and striking, hopeful and devastating, We Free the Stars is the masterful conclusion to the Sands of Arawiya duology by New York Times–bestselling author Hafsah Faizal.

the descent of the drowned by ana lal din

The Descent of the Drowned by Ana Lal Din

Publication date: March 15, 2021

Cover designer/artist: Unknown

She is bound to serve. He is meant to kill. Survival is their prison. Choice is their weapon.

As the sacred slave of a goddess, Roma is of a lower caste that serves patrons to sustain the balance between gods and men. What she wants is her freedom, but deserters are hunted and hanged, and Roma only knows how to survive in her village where women are vessels without a voice. When her younger brother is condemned to the same wretched fate as hers, Roma must choose between silence and rebellion.

the gilded ones by namina forna

The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna

Publication date: March 2, 2021

Cover designer/artist: Tara Josu

Sixteen-year-old Deka lives in fear and anticipation of the blood ceremony that will determine whether she will become a member of her village. Already different from everyone else because of her unnatural intuition, Deka prays for red blood so she can finally feel like she belongs.

But on the day of the ceremony, her blood runs gold, the color of impurity--and Deka knows she will face a consequence worse than death.

I've read an advanced review copy of The Gilded Ones a few months ago, and it is just absolutely amazing and well-written. The worldbuilding. The characters. The nuanced cultural influences. I absolutely enjoyed it so much. If you liked A Song of Wraiths and Ruin or Raybearer, then this one is for you.

Not only am I ๐Ÿ˜ over these gorgeous covers, but I am also excited for these books as well! Shoutout to authors and publishers who credit their cover artists/designers/illustrators on their websites. It made it so much easier to give them their due credit. And shoutout to the amazing and talented artists who created these beautiful book covers. Be sure to check out their portfolios!

♥ What are your favorite book covers ever?
What book covers did you feature in your TTT?
Share in the comments!
Also, if it's not too much to ask, if you know the cover designer/artist
for books I have as "unknown", please drop their names in the comments below!
Thank you! ♥

{Watch, Read, & Listen} Mulan: Rise of a Warrior, Cemetery Boys, & QueerWOC podcast

Sep 14, 2020

♥ watch, read & listen is a weekly feature where I share and recommend
my current movie, book, music and podcast obsessions every monday. ♥

mulan rise of a warrior 2009Watch: Mulan - Rise of a Warrior (2009)

The epic story of the Chinese girl-warrior, Mulan, who fights to defend her father.

Directors: Jingle Ma, Wei Dong
Writers: Jingle Ma, Ting Zhang
Starring: Wei Zhao, Kun Chen, Jaycee Chan

If you want a nuanced and more accurate adaption of Mulan, written/directed by Chinese filmmakers, this is one of them. English subtitles available. Save yourself $30 extra from the Disney+ adaption and watch this one instead.

cemetery boys by aiden thomas #transrep latinx repRead: Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas ๐ŸŒˆ

Yadriel has summoned a ghost, and now he can’t get rid of him.

When his traditional Latinx family has problems accepting his gender, Yadriel becomes determined to prove himself a real brujo. With the help of his cousin and best friend Maritza, he performs the ritual himself, and then sets out to find the ghost of his murdered cousin and set it free.

However, the ghost he summons is actually Julian Diaz, the school’s resident bad boy, and Julian is not about to go quietly into death. He’s determined to find out what happened and tie up some loose ends before he leaves. Left with no choice, Yadriel agrees to help Julian, so that they can both get what they want. But the longer Yadriel spends with Julian, the less he wants to let him leave.

Publication date: September 1, 2020

Rep: Latinx trans MC, Latinx trans author, Latinx cast, mlm relationship

Listen: QueerWOC podcast ๐ŸŒˆ

Friendly reminder that Black lives still matter and that Black Lives Matter protests are still going on around the world -- Continue signing petitions (updated often), donating (if/when you can), protesting safely (more protest tips here and here), emailing/calling your reps/AG/DA, register to vote/vote-by-mail, and educating yourself and family members.

Also, consider donating to the Milwaukee Freedom Fund and/or donating directly to Jacob Blake's family fund to help him recover from the paralyzing wounds Kenosha cops caused him. Sign this petition to charge the officer who tried to kill him. (Reminder: Don't donate to

More ways to help support Black people and the BLM movement can be found on BLM's official Linktree,, and More resources can be found on the sidebar as well. ➔

Support the Trans community and creators and their work. Donate to the homeless Black women trans fund, buy books by trans and nonbinary authors, more trans + enby authors to support, help a queer children's bookstore get off the ground, donate directly to trans individuals funds, volunteer/donate to Human Rights Campaign, and check out this thread with other ways to support trans and enby creators here and here. Don't forget that you can also help in other ways by volunteering or joining their programs for LGBTQ+ rights orgs like (but not limited to): LGBTQ Freedom Fund, Trans Youth Equality Foundation, Trans Women of Color Collective, National Center for transgender Equality, Trans Lifeline, and a list of more orgs here and here. ๐ŸŒˆ

☀️ Summer 2020 Playlist ☀️

Sep 13, 2020

ultimate summer playlist

Juice WRLD (r.i.p.) was right: life's a mess. As was Taylor Swift when she said "August slipped away like a bottle of wine" (ala "August" by Taylor Swift from Folklore album). Honestly the whole summer flew by despite everything that's going on. In the northern hemisphere, summer might not've been the same due to covid, lockdowns, concert/events/travel cancellations, wildfires, hurricanes, and civil unrest going on around the world, but that didn't stop artists from making and releasing some catchy tunes nor us from enjoying them.

For some, music is an escape when we may need one and it's something that can be a balm to our soul. It's also something we can express ourselves with and oftentimes sparks creativity, which is what artists took advantage of during lockdown to produce some bops we can jam to, and TikTok-ers taking the internet world by storm by creating entertaining dance choreographies/content to these songs.

Today I am sharing the songs I listened to all summer long for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŽถ

summer 2020 playlist
[click image to enlarge | Edited by me]

F2020 // Avenue Beat
Bored In the House // Tyga x Curtis Roach
Snack // Keke Palmer
cut 'em off // Jordyn Jones
Savage Love (Laxed - Siren Beat) // Jawsh 685 x Jason Derulo
Be Like That // Kane Brown x Swae Lee x Khalid
What You Waiting For // SOMI
WAP // Cardi B x Megan thee Stallion
ily (i love you baby) // Surf Mesa x Emilee
August // Taylor Swift
Love Somebody // Lauv
not like you // Nightly
How You Like That // BLACKPINK
Raise 'Em Up (Remix) // Alonestar x Ed Sheeran x Trunkie
boys lie // BAYLI
Life's A Mess // Juice WRLD x Halsey
2020 Riots: How Many Times // Trey Songz
American Reckoning // Bon Jovi
queen of broken hearts // blackbear
Fuck Up the Friendship // Leah Kate
Mr. Officer // Tee Grizzley x Queen Naija x members of the Detroit Choir
Past Life // Trevor Daniel x Selena Gomez
Dance With Me // Diplo x Thomas Rhett x Young Thug
Banana (Minisiren Remix) // Conkarah x Shaggy x DJ FLe
Like It Is // Kygo x Zara Larsson x Tyga
I Can't Breathe // H.E.R.
Dear Mr. President // Kiana Lede
System Ain't For Us // Akon x OG Boo Dirty
The Karen Song (Stop Harassing Us) // DJ Suede the Remix God x Christian Keyes

I hope you enjoyed this playlist or found some new music to listen to, and that you made the best of your summer. Now we can welcome Fall! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‚๐ŸŽƒ

♥ Have you heard any songs from my playlist?
What did you listen to this summer (or winter for those
on the southern hemisphere)? What were your favorites?
Share in the comments below! ♥

{Watch, Read, & Listen} All Together Now, Crowning Soul, & SOMI

Sep 7, 2020

what to watch read and listen to

♥ watch, read & listen is a weekly feature where I share and recommend
my current movie, book, music and podcast obsessions every monday. ♥

all together now netflix auli'i cravalhoWatch: All Together Now on Netflix (2020)

Amber Appleton (Auli'i Cravalho) remains an optimist even when her personal life is far less stable than it appears on the surface. A musically gifted high school student with aspirations to attend Carnegie Mellon, Amber balances her beloved high school drama club helmed by Mr. Franks (Fred Armisen) with working long hours at a donut shop to help support herself and her down-on-her-luck single mom (Justina Machado). She also spends time at the local retirement community, giving care and attention to her favorite pessimistic resident (Carol Burnett). When new obstacles present themselves that threaten her dreams, Amber must learn to lean on the strength of her chosen family to move forward.

Starring Auli'i Cravalho, Rhenzy Feliz, Justina Machado

book recommendation crowning soul sahira javaidRead: Crowning Soul by Sahira Javaid

Be swept away in this unique fantasy debut from Sahira Javaid. A spellbinding adventure of belonging, finding hope and where the price of a soul is another soul’s fate. Perfect for fans of InuYasha, Children of Blood and Bone and The Candle and The Flame.

Nezha Zaman considers her gift to control fire a dangerous secret. A secret that unravels when she encounters a vengeful shadow jinni in a maze garden that has been stalking her family, and knows about her power. Weeks after seeing the demonic being, Nezha is torn from her world through her backyard pond and transported to another dimension which sought out the light inside her heart.

Nezha learns from two unicorns that the dimension is her family’s roots, and the light is a fragment of an angel’s shattered soul. The three must work together to find the soul’s shards in a land teeming with shape-shifting jinn. If Nezha fails to stop the corrupted Iron Prince, the malevolent jinn at his side will shatter her soul next.

Publication date: September 8, 2020

I've had the opportunity to read an advanced review copy of Crowning Soul and I absolutely enjoyed this fantasy story from Sahira Javaid. It's rich with lush world-building, culture, magic, nuances, and fierce, lively characters. Highly recommend! I hope you consider picking this one up tomorrow. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Listen: What You Waiting For -- SOMI

Friendly reminder that Black lives still matter and that Black Lives Matter protests are still going on around the world -- Continue signing petitions (updated often), donating (if/when you can), protesting safely (more protest tips here and here), emailing/calling your reps/AG/DA, register to vote/vote-by-mail, and educating yourself and family members.

Also, consider donating to the Milwaukee Freedom Fund and/or donating directly to Jacob Blake's family fund to help him recover from the paralyzing wounds Kenosha cops caused him. Sign this petition to charge the officer who tried to kill him. (Note: Don't donate to

More ways to help support Black people and the BLM movement can be found on BLM's official Linktree,, and More resources can be found on the sidebar as well. ➔

Bookish Birthday Twins | Birthday Post

Sep 1, 2020

Today is a special day for two reasons--only one of which is actually important: a lot of books celebrate their birthday today! I am so excited for a lot of these books that are out today and I am honored to share a birthday with them. Since I did a sort of personal birthday post last year, I wanted to do a fun post dedicated to books this year. It turned out to align perfectly with many books releasing on this day. Can't believe I'm 28 now

This post is a shoutout to all the books (mostly YA) that comes out today. I hope y'all are ready -- there's A LOT! There's apparently over 800+ books set to release today, and this post consists of about ~30 of them. Go forth and attend their virtual launches, read them, buy them, or request them at your local libraries!

Disclaimer: I am in no way endorsing the following books, or their authors and publishers, nor is this an ad. I'm just sharing the birthday love.

Join me in celebrating the birth of the books coming out today! Also, stream Virgo Tendencies by Keke Palmer. Happy birthday to my fellow Virgo babies!

๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŒˆ Happy Book Birthday! ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽ‰


We Are Not Free by Traci Chee
Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas ๐ŸŒˆ
Wayward Witch by Zoraida Cรณrdova ๐ŸŒˆ


Punching the Air by Ibi Zoboi, Yusef Salaam
Queen of Volts by Amanda Foody ๐ŸŒˆ
Sanctuary by Paola Mendoza, Abby Sher


Recommended For You by Laura Silverman
Gold Wings Rising by Alex London ๐ŸŒˆ
Blood & Honey by Shelby Mahurin
As the Shadow Rises by Katy Rose Pool ๐ŸŒˆ
The Lost Book of the White by Cassandra Clare, Wesley Chu ๐ŸŒˆ


Unbirthday: A Twisted Tale by Liz Braswell
Lux: The New Girl by Ashely Woodfolk
Micah: The Good Girl by Ashely Woodfolk
Flamer by Mike Curato ๐ŸŒˆ
Fable by Adrienne Young


1789: Twelve Authors Explore a Year of Rebellion, Revolution and Change, edited by Marc Aronson, Susan Campbell Bartoletti
Throwaway Girls by Andrea Contos ๐ŸŒˆ
The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Teen Titans: Beast Boy by Kami Garcia, Gabriel Picolo (comic/graphic novel)
Greythorne by Crystal Smith


The Insomniacs by Marit Weisenberg
Not Your #LoveStory by Sonia Hartl
The Bridge by Bill Konigsberg ๐ŸŒˆ
Save Steve by Jenni Hendricks, Ted Caplan
None Shall Sleep by Ellie Marney


Where We Are by Alison McGhee
Majesty by Katharine McGee
Find Layla by Meg Elison
Fright Night by Maren Stoffels
The Shadow Crosser by J. C. Cervantes


A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Be Gay, Do Comics by Mat Bors (comic/graphic novel) ๐ŸŒˆ
Love and other Poems by Alex Dimitrov (poetry)
Transcendent Kingdom by Yaa Gyasi
When No One Is Watching by Alyssa Cole
Like Spilled Water by Jennie Liu

I have no bookishwish or Am*zon wishlist (for reasons), just please continue supporting Black Lives Matter, donate to Beirut Lebanon, and help Philippines #JunkTerrorLaw. And VOTE VOTE VOTE! All I want is for Tr*mp to not be president anymore. Dismantle white supremacy 2020.

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