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Aug 3, 2020

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Watch: Immigration Nation on Netflix (2020- )

With unprecedented access to ICE operations, as well as moving portraits of immigrants, this docuseries takes a deep look at US immigration today.

The series will examine the processes, pitfalls, and pain of immigration in America. Shot over the course of three years, Schwarz and Clusiau capture the daily workings of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, activists, lawmakers, attorneys, and a wide swath of undocumented immigrants, from desperate recent arrivals to longtime residents to deported U.S. military combat veterans.

CW/TW: xenophobia, racism, detainment/interment camps, ICE brutality/arrests, illegal arrests

ICE agents and Border Patrol are still running rampant through our communities detaining immigrants (even those naturalized/with US citizenship) and "Hispanic-looking" people across the U.S. without warrants and while violating a number of Constitutional laws, especially during a global pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests, and it's important to keep fighting for those ripped from their families and sponsors. This docuseries is an important and raw in-depth look into immigration in the U.S. ICE has tried to block Netflix from showing this docuseries. In this, you will see how "cruelty is the point" rings true for ICE. Below are ways you can do to help immigrants.

Ways to help protect immigrants lives/rights, gain citizenship, legal expenses and attorneys for their immigration trials, and reunite with their families:

Know Your Rights (if stopped by ICE/if ICE comes to your door): ACLU (English and Spanish), National Immigration Law Center (in 7 languages), American Friends Service Committee (English and Spanish)

KIND (Kids in Need of Defense): supportkind.org

RAICES: raicestexas.org

Support/donate to the NILC Immigration Justice Fund: immigrantjusticefund.org

Support TPS for Venezuelans: 5calls.org

Block Indefinite Detention of Migrant Families: 5calls.org

Support/donate to The National Immigration Project: nationalimmigrationproject.org

Low-cost Legal Help: immigrationlawhelp.org

Read: Lobizona by Romina Garber

Some people ARE illegal.

Lobizonas do NOT exist.

Both of these statements are false.

Manuela Azul has been crammed into an existence that feels too small for her. As an undocumented immigrant who's on the run from her father's Argentine crime-family, Manu is confined to a small apartment and a small life in Miami, Florida.

Until Manu's protective bubble is shattered.

Her surrogate grandmother is attacked, lifelong lies are exposed, and her mother is arrested by ICE. Without a home, without answers, and finally without shackles, Manu investigates the only clue she has about her past--a mysterious "Z" emblem—which leads her to a secret world buried within our own. A world connected to her dead father and his criminal past. A world straight out of Argentine folklore, where the seventh consecutive daughter is born a bruja and the seventh consecutive son is a lobizón, a werewolf. A world where her unusual eyes allow her to belong.

As Manu uncovers her own story and traces her real heritage all the way back to a cursed city in Argentina, she learns it's not just her U.S. residency that's illegal. . . .it's her entire existence.

Publication date: August 4, 2020

Listen: LA Diaspora -- Nitty Scott x Zap Mama 🌈

Friendly reminder that Black lives still matter and that Black Lives Matter protests are still going on around the world -- Continue signing petitions, donating (if/when you can), protesting safely, emailing/calling your reps/AG/DA, register to vote/vote-by-mail, and educating yourself and family members. More resources can be found on the sidebar. ➔

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