#TakeActionTuesday It's Super Tuesday!

Mar 3, 2020

#takeactiontuesday is a weekly action tag that careaction.org started on twitter
to dedicate tuesdays to take action on issues that is important to you.
i took part on twitter and brought it onto the blog.

In the US, today is a special Tuesday called Super Tuesday (as you may have seen on Twitter). Basically, it is voting day for the primary elections in many states. So if you haven't already, today is the last day to get your votes in! This #TakeActionTuesday post will be especially political (for obvious reasons) than usual, so... let's get to it.

☾ One of the most effective ways to protect yourself and from spreading viruses is to properly wash your hands, as demonstrated in this video by WebMD.

☾ Demand congress to pass a clean bill funding the coronavirus response, with this call script from 5 Calls: 5calls.org/issue/coronavirus-covid-19-emergency-cdc

☾ Donate to Global Giving's coronavirus relief fund: globalgiving.org

☾ Giving Tuesday every day. Check out GivingTuesday's do good calendar for March for inspiration in ways to give back: www.givingtuesday.org

☾ End child marriages, gender-based violence, patriarchal laws for girls worldwide with Save The Children: child-rights-now.org

☾ End workplace sexual harassment with Futures Without Violence by shifting your workplace's culture toward accountability, safety and equality at checkyourworkplace.com

☾ Primaries are just the beginning. There's still work to do until the presidential election this coming November, so volunteer in your community (or in the comfort of your own home) for a candidate. If you're inclined for a volunteer opportunity, here's how you can volunteer to get out the votes for Elizabeth Warren: events.elizabethwarren.com

☾ Need help deciphering all the props, measures or getting to know the candidates that are on your ballots? Here are two non-partisan resources to help you out:

☾ Contact your congressmembers to pass H.R. 4092 The Safe from the Start Act, which works to help protect women and girls from gender-based violence at the onset of humanitarian crises: care.org

☾ Take back the Senate with Indivisible Guide's project to replace 10 Senators in key states: paybackproject.org

☾ Call your Senators to pass HR 35 the Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act, a legislation that would make lynching a hate crime, with this call script from 5 Calls: 5calls.org/issue/emmett-till-lynching-hate-crime

☾ A step-by-step guide to DACA renewal: informedimmigrant.com/guides/daca-renewals-2020

☾ If you have the resources/access, please consider donating to the Irenes Family fundraiser to help bring a mother of two back home who was unlawfully taken from their home by ICE. Her kids are Deaf and she is the only member of the family who can communicate and advocate for them. Donate here: gofundme.com

☾ If you want to get involved in political activism, find a local Indivisible group near you: indivisible.org/groups

☾ All things voting, voting rights, voting FAQs, registrations, volunteer opportunities can be found on rockthevote.org/voting-information

☾ If you're able to, please donate to Evelyn's funeral fund for her little brother who took his own life: gofundme.com

Resources, call scripts + action guides provided by:

♥ How are you taking action around
your community/country this week? ♥
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