February 2020 Gratitude

Feb 29, 2020

Gratitude is an important avenue for growth and part of self-care.
Here I share a peak into my monthly gratitude journal each month.

☾ Kind, good samaritans who are generous, like the one who was kind enough to offer to pay the difference at a grocery store after my debit card was blocked and kept getting declined. Bless that man.

☾ Mail-in ballots. They are super convenient and helpful for busy/odd working hours folks, as well as disabled, chronically ill, immunocompromised people to get their votes in. Also, curbside voting at the polls for disabled folks.

☾ Zicam, Emergen-C, ginger + turmeric soup, elderberries and electrolyte water to help prevent or shorten colds.

☾ Civic action orgs/movements that includes constituents or members of communities to volunteer/get involved in political activism, whether it be phone banking, registering voters, mailing postcards or canvassing.

☾ Libby and cloudLibrary. I know I mentioned Libby in a previous gratitude post, but I've also been utilizing the cloudLibrary app as well. Both have audiobooks and ebooks available via your library.

☾ Girl Scout cookie season. Samoas (aka Caramel Delights) are in the "god tier" category of the tiermaker tiers.

☾ Coworkers who bring bomb ass homemade food, candy/sweets, or delivers coffee for us at work. They're the real MVPs.

☾ Days off to rest, recharge, rejuvenate and read.

☾ No car insurance bill this month because there's no February 30th. It's a nice break before it renews next month and I'll have to start paying double the rate again due to my "new" used car. Yay.

☾ Beautiful sunny, warm days, blue skies and blooming flowers throughout the month.

☾ Occasionally finding good parking at work and getting to + from work safely.

♥ What are you grateful for this month? ♥
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