January 2020 Gratitude

Jan 30, 2020


Gratitude is an important avenue for growth and part of self-care.
Here I share a peak into my monthly gratitude journal each month.

While 2020 got off to a rocky start personally, there was still plenty to be grateful for.

☾ A mostly sunny and relatively dry month. It was nice to see blue skies and sunshine again.

☾ Getting to work and home safely while my car had the radiator leak and overheating signals going off again.

☾ Finally getting my car fixed with new pipes, so no more overheating or breaking down on the side of highways anymore.

☾ Pay raise at work.

☾ Cool ass managers who surprised us with a pizza party and bringing us coffee.

☾ America's Tires rotating and balancing my tires free of charge. After spending (an extra $360+) on my car repair, my poor bank account needed a break -- and I know that the labor that goes into car/tire work is no easy feat, so for that I am eternally grateful.

☾ Reusable makeup removing cloths and Dr. Bronner's Castille Soap. This helped kick my waste impact a bit by not using disposable facial wipes. Small steps for the sake of the environment (and storm drains/waste pipes).

☾ Reusable snack bags and produce mesh bags. These were more helpful than I thought. You never realize how many ziploc and plastic bags you go through until you use reusable mesh bags for produce in the supermarket.

☾ Shampoo bars (like soap bars). Lifesavers. Space savers. Money savers. Travel friendly. Eco-friendly.

☾ Automatic bill pay. This saves my ass a time or two.

♥ What are you grateful for this month? ♥
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