Intentions for 2020

Jan 1, 2020

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Happy New Year and new decade! With everyone making resolutions this time of year, I want to instead set intentions for this year and forward.

Mindfulness and intentionality has been such a huge and integral part of my life and growth over the past few years. Part of living mindfully and intentionally (aka minimalism) is to live and choose to do what ever tasks with intention. Intentions focuses on the present, the journey and manifestation of long-term goals, keep yourself accountable, and encourages self-awareness and alignment with the inner work to either become a better version of yourself or help make the world a better place. Intentionality is to experience moments fully present, mentally as well as physically, and to make a lasting and meaningful impact. It's also a commitment. 2020 will be the year of change, awakening, growth and evolution. Set intentions, not resolutions. (Sorry, I had to ;-P)

These intentions I set is not only for 2020, but for all of the new decade ahead.

☽ Rather than closing my heart to things or people that may hurt me, I will instead work on redirecting its energy.
☽ Continue manifesting on personal self-growth and bettering myself.
☽ Contribute more to people/animals in need and organizations that help underprivileged communities, marginalized folks, indigenous communities, survivors, and the environment.
☽ Work towards donating 10% of my income to charity/organizations every year.
☽ Live more ethically, sustainably and eco-friendly.
☽ Utilize my time and energy wisely and guard my energy better.
☽ Don't be afraid to say 'no' and say it when I really feel/need to.
☽ Reaffirm my boundaries and maintain them.
☽ Let go of toxic people whose values don't align with mine and who holds me back.
☽ Stop putting up with peoples bad/toxic behaviors just to "keep the peace."
☽ Remember to periodically take breaks, rest, recharge, hydrate, take care of my health to prevent burnout.
☽ Shift my mindset and mentality to a more healthier, open, conscious and more positive outlook.
☽ Accept blessings with open arms and without doubt or guilt.
☽ Take time to volunteer and donate more and invite people to come with.
☽ Be more aware and work harder on respecting cultures, religions and sexualities outside of my own. More listening. Remember to be mindful to not use ableist language.
☽ Continue to work on kicking the rest of my bad/toxic habits, negativity, unnecessary anger and toxic traits.
☽ Forgive myself for past mistakes, hurting myself, others who hurt me and for hurting others. And remember that forgiveness does not equate to saying what they/I did was okay, but that forgiveness takes the hook out of your heart and allows you to move forward and grow without it holding you back.
☽ Reclaim my worth and never settle less than I deserve.
☽ Rise above pettiness, revenge, retaliation, toxic behaviors and unnecessary negativity.

Sorry it's so long but I have a lot of shit to work on.

♥ What intentions are you
setting for 2020? ♥
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