I Tried 5 Online Personality Tests and Here's What I Learned

Jan 27, 2020

With the Myers-Briggs personality tests as well as other personality tests floating around the interwebs lately, I decided to try the well-known and free personality tests to learn what they say about me and if the results are consistent.

The personality tests I tried were, as listed:

5 Love Languages
Six Human Needs
16 Personalities (aka Myers-Briggs/MBTI)
DISC Assessment

16 Personalities/Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

My personality type is: INTP.

I for introvert (53%), N for iNtuitive (which is what I found surprising because I'm more of an observer), T for thinking rather than feeling, P for perceptive rather than judgmental.

On this test is a 5th result called "identity" which the website describes as "trait that underpins all others, showing how confident we are in our personalities and decisions" and shows two results on opposite ends of a spectrum. On one side is assertive and the other, turbulent.

My results showed more turbulent than assertive.


My result is: type 6 / 6w5

There are nine types of personalities. According to the website, it labels Type 6 personalities as "The Loyalist." Each personality from this test is based on fears, beliefs, motivations and emotions. I'm not quite sure what type 6 personality types mean exactly, so if anyone knows please share some wisdom and knowledge in the comments.

Six Human Needs

This test is based on the theory that there are six human needs such as certainty, love, contribution, growth, connection, variety and significance. After a series of multiple choice questions, your personal results will list your six human needs in order from most to least. The top four being the needs of your personality and the bottom two are needs of your spirit, your inner Self.

My six human needs:

1. Growth (13.5 points)
2. Certainty (11 points)
3. Contribution (8.5 points)
4. Love (7 points)
5. Significance (6 points)
6. Uncertainty (3.5 points)

5 Love Languages

The 5 love languages test helps you understand how you receive love and how you connect with others on your own personal level. In this test you discover whether your love language is Acts of Service, Words of Affirmations, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts and Physical Touch. You can take it either as a single or as a couple if you're in a relationship.

I join in the foray of twitter by saying my love language is growth and gratitude, but my actual results from this test are: Words of Affirmation and Quality Time.

Daily affirmations are in integral part of my self-love and wellbeing so words of affirmation is pretty much on-point.

DISC Assessment

DISC assessment measures (and stands for) dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance to predict your behaviors to others and especially in work environments. This assessment can help you have a better and deeper understanding of yourself in the workplace, and can even help you engage and be a better teamplayer with your coworkers in a beneficial way.

Although the "C" stands for compliance, my results showed: Caution (aka The Analyzers).

I am a pretty cautious worker, so the result needs no further explanation.

♥ Have you taken any personality tests?
What are your favorites? ♥
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