8 Things About Scorpio Moons from Scorpio Moon Sign by David Wells

Sep 29, 2019

As the moon will be in Scorpio tomorrow, read on to learn and get a better understanding about Scorpio Moons.

To my fellow Scorpio Moons, this one's for us...

Scorpio Moon Sign: A Guide to Discovering Your Hidden Inner Self by David Wells
Nonfiction, Astrology
January 7, 2014 from Hay House UK

What if you had a hidden inner self you never knew about? This key to your horoscope is the moon sign!

Many people understand their sun sign, but few realise that the key to their astrological insight is unlocked by a deeper truth: the moon sign. Your moon sign is a reflection of your secret inner self, and has important messages to aid you in your career, love life and ultimately your destiny.

Understanding the secret power of your moon sign is now easier than ever with this short guide. Specially aligned for your individual moon sign of Scorpio, this book has been carefully charted and prepared by astrology expert David Wells.

1.) The comfort of locking yourself away - to think, to process stuff, to eat dark chocolate with peanut butter on it - may still be with you. It could be how you resolve emotional dramas in your life. If it's your way, it's your way, but don't stay hidden too long.

2.) On first meeting you could shine back a dark mirror, a complete blank that shows nothing but themselves, and some people may mistake that as hostility. What you're really doing is protecting yourself, giving nothing away until you get to know someone. When you do, you will let them in slowly but surely. 

3.) You have no fear of the darker things in life, the stuff that some shy away from. You take life's mysteries, including death, as a challenge, and like to squeeze a spot or two. You may also study and practice the psychic arts - something you will be very good at, but make sure you keep your intentions pure. 

4.) Sex is an important part of your life and an even more important part of your love life. You may use it as a weapon, holding it back or offering it to get what you want, and you will have few boundaries in the bedroom. 

5.) It's odd that you care so much about what your partner is feeling and yet you aren't so generous in letting them in on what's going on with you. 

6.) What you really demand above everything else is trust, total trust. If you don't have it, work at it. If it's never going to happen, ask yourself if you're in the right relationship. 

7.) You're your worst enemy. 

8.) World domination may not really be what you're after, but you certainly have everything you need to dominate your world. 

♥ Any scorpio moons out there that
can relate? Know a scorpio moon that
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