July 2019 Gratitude

Jul 29, 2019

Gratitude is a part of my self-care. Here I share a peak of my gratitude journal each month.

This month I am grateful for:

☾ My little sister, who turned 5 this month! Forever blessed for our rainbow baby.

☾ Audiobooks (that are not Am*zon/Bezos machine owned) and audiobook libraries. For those who may be wondering, I use Overdrive, Libby, Google Play Books and Kobo.

☾ Getting back on the minimalism track financially, as well as mentally and clutter-wise. Minimalism is so important to me and after straying the past couple of months, I feel like myself and I got my shit together again which feels liberating.

☾ The accessibility, affordability and time to get back into krav maga, which was timely with the shootings that happened in the U.S. this month.

☾ Passing Constitutional Rights, Admin of Justice and Civics summer courses, and getting a spot on the roster for Immigration Law, Social Justice Studies and Global Climate Change courses for the upcoming Fall semester.

☾ Getting Thursdays back on my work schedule.

☾ Fun summer activities to enjoy with friends and family, that just uplifts moods, "summer vibes" and brings nostalgia.

☾ Razor-less hair removal products (i.e. Nair masks and wax) and safety razors that lasts a long time so you don't have to keep buying and throwing shavers, and that doesn't rust.

☾ Ed Sheeran. 'Nuff said. Go listen to No. 6 Collaborations Project. (Shameless plug for my celeb husband).

☾ The First Amendment. A right that third world countries under dictatorship rule do not have. A right that makes our country a democracy and what separates us from authoritarian countries.

♥ What are you grateful
for this month? ♥
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