June 2019 Gratitude

Jun 29, 2019

June flew by and there was much to be grateful for. Some things I'm grateful for this month:

☾ First and foremost, my dad.

☾ Dr. Bronner's Castille Soap and apple cider vinegar for their versatile uses and saving our asses time and time again.

☾ Delicious refreshing smoothie bowls. Summer = smoothie bowl season.

☾ Short(ish) line at the DMV, which is very rare, so I'm grateful that the line was short when I had to go in to replace my stolen plates.

☾ Warm weather to kick off the summer. It was a nice break to not have scorching hot summer days in June as usual.

☾ Extra days off from work to enjoy a nice breather, spend time at local summer activities with friends and coworkers, get some stuff done around the house and my poor car, and to catch up on reading and some much needed sleep.

☾ Summer cleaning and de-cluttering. Who says it can only happen in Spring? I always feel more refreshed after de-cluttering, which makes welcoming and enjoying summer season so much better.

♥ What are you grateful
for this month? ♥
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