#TakeActionTuesday 5.21.19

May 21, 2019

#takeactiontuesday is a weekly action tag that careaction.org started on twitter
to dedicate tuesdays to take action on issues that is important to you.
i took part on twitter and brought it onto the blog.

☾ Join a local abortion rights day of action to protect and support women's (and uterus-having folks) body autonomy, rights and choice:

☾ Urge your state legislators to defend saf, legal abortion care + rights: 5calls.org

☾ If your MoC's are co-sponsors of or voted to pass the Equality Act, send them a thank you message here: act.hrc.org

☾ (CA only) Join the call-in day for AB 932 (CA Act to Save Lives aka police reform): act.indivisible.org

☾ Urge Amazon shareholders to vote to end the company's of face surveillance + rekognition that targets POC and immigrants: action.aclu.org

☾ Keep calling your senators + reps to prevent war with Iran: 5calls.org

☾ Urge your senators to oppose Howard Nielson Jr. for federal judgeship: 5calls.org

☾ Four concrete ways to fight anti-abortion rights laws, by Alma: heyalma.com

☾ Donate or volunteer for reproductive health + justice organizations:

    ✰ Center for Reproductive Rights
    ✰ NARAL
    ✰ Sister Song
    ✰ Guttmacher Institute
    ✰ Yellowhammer Fund (Alabama-based org)
    ✰ Women's Reproductive Rights Assistance Project
    ✰ National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health
    ✰ National Women's Law Center
    ✰ Reproductive Health Access Project
    ✰ SPARK Reproductive Justice Now
    ✰ Planned Parenthood Federation of America
    ✰ California Coalition for Reproductive Freedom
    ✰ if/when/how: lawyering for reproductive justice

☾ Pledge to protect reproductive rights, with Indivisible Guide: act.indivisible.org

☾ Donate to CARE.org in their impact on lifesaving work to end global poverty and empower women -- They are matching donations 3x: my.care.org

☾ (CA only) Call your assemblymembers to vote yes on AB 32 to end private prisons: castatestrong.org

☾ (CA only) Urge your assemblymembers to vote yes on AB 217 + SB 200 to ensure access to clean and safe drinking water in California: castatestrong.org

☾ (CA only) Call your state senators to end mass incarceration by urging them to vote yes on SB 136: action.aclu.org

Resources + call scripts provided by:
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