#takeactiontuesday 4.9.19

Apr 9, 2019

#takeactiontuesday is a weekly action tag that careaction.org started on twitter
to dedicate tuesdays to take action on issues that is important to you.
i took part on twitter and brought it onto the blog.

  • call your moc's to oppose the "cap's deal" (h.r. 2021), using indivisible guide's call script: indivisible.org

  • call your reps to vote to restore net neutrality (h.r. 1654 -- save the internet act), using this call script from indivisible guide: indivisible.org

  • urge your reps to support and vote yes for the lgbtq+ rights equality act: 5calls.org

  • flip key states ahead of the 2020 elections with flippable (some states will hold their elections before 2020, so it's best to get started as early as possible): flippable.org

  • if you're in california, urge your moc's to vote yes for ab 392 to change the states police use of force: action.aclu.org

call scripts and resource guides are provided by 

♥ how did you take action around your community, school,
or for other causes and issues this week? ♥
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