#takeactiontuesday 4.30.19

Apr 30, 2019

#takeactiontuesday is a weekly action tag that careaction.org started on twitter
to dedicate tuesdays to take action on issues that is important to you.
i took part on twitter and brought it onto the blog.

here are some ways you can take action this week:

  • call your moc's to support h.r. 9 to keep the u.s. in the paris climate agreement: 5calls.org

  • support medicare for all, which will be discussed in its first congressional hearing later today: 5calls.org
indivisible guide's call script: indivisible.org

here's an explainer guide of what's entailed in the medicare for all bill by the indivisible guide: indivisible.org
  • call your rep's to support the equal rights amendment (house hearing later today): 5calls.org

  • sign up for indivisible guide's may national activist call + webinar on thursday may 2: indivisible.org

  • demand action against gun violence with this call script from make 5 calls: 5calls.org

  • call your state senator and ask them to vote yes on sb136 to repeal sentence enhancements and end family separation: oneclickpolitics

  • donate to indivisible ca: statestrong to help indivisible guide promote progressive policies. they are matching donations 1:1 until tonight: actblue

call scripts and action guides provided by:

♥ how did you take action around your community, school, work
or at home today? share in the comments below! ♥
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