march 2019 gratitude journal

Mar 31, 2019

a few things i'm grateful for this month:

☽ spring season bringing more daylight, sunny warm days + beautiful flowers blooming
☽ having cool bosses who surprises us with pizza
☽ realizing my self-worth + to make efforts to go after what i truly want and deserve from this point forward, and to stop settling for less
☽ finally ending a toxic friendship. it hurts because we've known each other for a long time and our families are close but it was so necessary for my well-being.
☽ safety airbag replacements
☽ life hacks for cheaper parking in midtown to save $
☽ introspection + reflection that leads to letting go of old toxic habits + towards self-growth
☽ reminders to be more mindful and intentional about my actions, thoughts and the aspects in life and personal relationships
☽ family who help each other out while each of us goes to work

♥ what are you grateful for this month? ♥
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