february 2019 gratitude journal

Feb 28, 2019

here are a few things i'm grateful for this month:

☽ more sunny + blue sky days that graced us this month and gave us a break from the rain + gloomy skies
☽ full moon in virgo (my sun sign) vibes + blessings
☽ a new halsey song (11 minutes ft. yungblud)
☽ the blessing of having a couple of full days off to rest + spend time with the fam, do errands, read and see my friends + their kiddos
☽ my health navigators help in getting me a new health insurance plan
☽ grassroots, orgs + constituents who are utilizing resources and time to tell their moc's to reject the alleged 'national emergency' declaration

♥ what are some things you are grateful for? ♥
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