november 2018 gratitude journal + intentions for december

Nov 30, 2018

november has been quite eventful -- both personally and out there all over the world.

here's a few things i'm grateful for this month:

☽ conscious and moral voters investing time and energy in the 2018 midterm elections
☽ progressive orgs/groups putting in the work to inform constituents about current issues happening on capital hill, progressive candidate endorsements + campaigns; and the volunteers who dedicated their time and energy to help get out the vote
☽ stunning fall sunrises
☽ being blessed with a new job
☽ emergency responders and volunteers that are fighting the california wildfires
☽ community coming together for the camp fire wildfire victims
☽ giving tuesday, and those who partake in the generous global day of giving
☽ cooler weather
☽ having the right to vote
☽ empathy
☽ passionate + empathetic people who care about justice, equality + the well-being of others
☽ my little brother making honor roll
☽ people from all walks of life (i.e. religions, ethnicities, etc) coming together to mourn the jewish victims from the pittsburgh synagogue shooting, and protecting the jewish folks mourning at the vigil. restores a bit of faith in humanity in the climate seeped in hate
☽ people, organizations, charities + businesses donating/participating in giving tuesday
☽ earning + passing my very first food handlers certificate

intentions for december:

✰ stop blaming planet retrogrades (*ahem* mercury retrograde) + moons for every bad/negative thing that happens
✰ remember the lessons learned at the wellness retreats -- namely about being non-reactionary so quickly + self care
✰ give back to those in need. remember giving doesn't have to only happen on giving tuesday
✰ make new friends at new job
✰ rid of all the toxic people in my life once and for all
✰ learn as much as i can + not be too overwhelmed by everything
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