{Raditorial} Museum of Ice Cream | San Francisco, CA

Sep 10, 2018

museum of ice cream san francisco

i celebrated my 26th birthday at the museum of ice cream in san francisco last week with my friends, and after showing my parents and siblings (little sis is an ice cream connoisseur) the photos we took, they wanted to check it out so we took a quick family trip to the museum. having visited the museum three times already, somehow every visit gets better and better. i've only been to the ones in LA and SF, and personally i like SF the best.

it was pretty cool to see all the ice cream-themed exhibits, although the lines and crowds were not. some of the exhibits were interactive and full of ice cream fun facts. some exhibits gave away free ice cream, pop rocks, cotton candy & lemonade for those with a sweet tooth out there. as you go through the exhibits, you'll find yourself jumping into the sprinkles pool, to candyland with a gummybear, to a crawl space that's made of all mirror, to a unicorn, to a ring toss game, to a 1950s diner with a jukebox, to a magnetic exhibit with refrigerator magnets to leave your mark, and more. there's also a set of swings perfect for the (insta)gram.

originally opened as a pop-up museum for a few months, by demand they extended it. twice. we're glad to hear that the museum of ice cream is here to stay permanently! so if you've planned on a visit to san francisco one day in the near future, make sure to put this down as one of your stops (if you're into ice cream and sweets). currently there are museum of ice creams in san francisco, LA, NYC and miami.

location: museum of ice cream
1 grant ave.
san francisco, ca 94108

♥ have you been to any of the museum of ice creams?
what were your favorite exhibits and flavors? ♥

august 2018 | a look back

Sep 1, 2018


  • my lola (grandma) came back from philippines. again. she'll be here for my birthday and for the rest of the year until she goes back march next year.
  • my little brother started the 5th grade. his last year of elementary school :'-(
  • saw valfre and charmaine olivia paint their murals at our local open wide walls mural festival. they're my favorite artists, so it'll be nice to have a piece of their work on the streets of downtown and pass by everyday.
  • roomies + i participated in an aclu people power postcard writing party campaign with fellow local aclu volunteers to get out the vote to folks across the country.
  • celebrated end of summer at third thursday event hosted in downtown sacramento, where there were crafts that people got to participate in, games, drinks, silent disco, + a free showing of lady bird.
  • joined indivisible guide's textbank team (aka indivisitext) to text people in florida for andrew gillum for governor.
  • attended local aclu people power's 'demand police accountability' lobby day for ab 931. thank you assemblymember skinner and cosigners for creating and pushing for this bill. it's good to know there are still some people who care about accountability and the community.


  • if you've been following me on twitter the past few months, you'll know that i've been having a bug problem particularly in my room. the usual culprits are spiders (and 2 cockroaches), but this time we found a centipede in there. how did a centipede get in the house? we have no idea.
  • mendocino fire grew and outbeat last years napa wildfire at 459,000 acres. larger than the size of the city of los angeles.
  • my skin broke out in weird patches out of nowhere, and then got puffy after putting aloe vera gel. i looked like a zombie with red circles around my eyes but luckily everything went back to normal a few days later.
  • ab 931 was shelved for another year, unfortunately. but we're not giving up on passing this bill to hold california police accountable for abusing their power.

what i read

the descent of monsters by j.y. yang
unapologetic: a black, queer, and feminist mandate for radical movements by charlene carruthers
legacy by whiti hereaka
rising out of hatred: the awakening of a former white nationalist by eli saslow
nejma by nayyirah waheed
mindful moments: everyday mindfulness for real people by haven e. carter
so done by paula chase
give a sh*t: do good. live better. save the planet. by ashlee piper
new poems of native nations, edited by heid e. erdrich + more
noughts & crosses by malorie blackman
girls resist!: a guide to activism, leadership, and starting a revolution by kaelyn rich
the joy of less, a minimalist living guide: how to declutter, organize, and simplify your life by francine jay
rad women worldwide: artists and athletes, pirates and punks, and other revolutionaries who shaped history, edited by kate schatz and miriam klein stahl

what i listened to

lucid dreaming (cover) // first to eleven
the 1 // blackbear
summertime magic // childish gambino
real friends (remix) // camila cabello x swae lee
tootimetootimetootime // the 1975
all the time // kim petras
lomesome love // mitski
devil's in the backseat // lostboycrow
beautiful // bazzi x camila cabello
summer on you // prettymuch

[full summer playlist coming in my next post]


none. i'll be going to the museum of ice cream sf and seattle next month, so stay tuned.

looking forward to in september

  • my birthday on the 1st! (but not so excited at the prospect of turning 26)
  • museum of ice cream
  • capitol airshow
  • vacation in seattle
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