june 2018 | a look back

Jul 1, 2018


  • i went to an advanced screening of THE HATE U GIVE and that's all i can legally say. but go watch it on opening weekend in october! fans of the book will not be disappointed.
  • voted in the california primary election!! 
  • speaking of election, roomies and i volunteered in door-to-door canvassing in the sacramento area and phone banked california voters with fellow volunteers, organized by the amazing aclu of norcal team
  • started our family fro-yo tradition we do every summer
  • we did some late spring cleaning but let's just call it summer cleaning
  • attended the aclu of norcal's webinar campaign to help pass ab 931 and sb 1421
  • text-banked for caleb frostman (sd-1) and anne groves lloyd (ad-42) with flippable.org to #gotv in wisconsin
  • judge aaron persky got recalled! karma is fucking sweet. thank you to the voters in santa clara county.
  • attended the local indivisible general meeting organized by the indivisible guide team, where we discussed 
  • marched in the families belong together march at the state capitol. the turn out and compassion and drive from everyone who participated was incredibly heartwarming. definitely restored a bit of faith in humanity.
  • kid lit says no kids in cages raised $195,000+ for the migrant kids! the authors/publishing peeps who organized it and those who shared and donated are amazing.
  • roomies and i marched at the local families belong together rally at u.s. citizenship immigration here in downtown sacramento, and also attended to support the immigrants in ca vs. (jeff) sessions court hearing via aclu of norcal


  • we hit 100 degrees pretty early this month, the first three-digit weather this year. i know i said i'm ready for summer but i will never be ready for the 100+ degree heat.
  • speaking of summer, my skin hasn't been handling this heat very well (as it never does around this time of year). my face has been more dry than it usually is and parts of it burns. wasn't as bad as the flare up around this time last year but it was still painful. aloe vera gel and vasaline saved my skin, thank God.
  • killed a big spider i saw in my room at my parents house and right after i killed it, on the other side of my room there was a huge cockroach. my mom and i screamed...loud. but we killed it. cleaned out my closet and room after that. it reminded me of when i used to live in san jose, but they never that huge. my skin still crawls just thinking about it.
  • some of the california and local election results were disappointing. we're definitely going to have to vote better in the general midterm elections this november.
  • grandma went back to philippines. only for two months and she's coming back in august.
  • the "zero tolerance policy" and locking up both illegal and legal migrant children in cages and separating them from their mother. this is eerily reminiscent of the japanese internment camps. the photos and audios of those poor children is absolutely heart-breaking. 

what i read

fresh ink: an anthology by lamar giles

what i listened to

calypso // luis fonsi x stefflon don
girls like you // maroon 5 x cardi b
never been in love // will jay
summer games // drake
f.f.f. // bebe rexha x g-eazy
give yourself a try // the 1975
beautiful // bazzi
wish i never met you // loote

[more in my summer playlist post coming soon]


none. i was supposed to go to seattle with my grandma to see my cousins but she had to go back to philippines, so the trip will be postponed until she comes back.

inspiration/motivation this month

maxine waters. she is badass.

everyone who called their reps, marched to end family separation, and donated to orgs/funds that provides for migrant children.

looking forward to in july

  • my baby sister turns 4 on the 22nd! (i can't call her baby sister anymore)
  • road trip with friends
  • california adventure with the family for my little sisters birthday.
  • my friend from alaska is coming down for a visit and i'm hoping on taking her on some california adventures since we couldn't the last time she was here
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