{Story Diary} Prep & Prejudice by Miren B. Flores

Feb 14, 2018

Modern Filipino retelling of Pride and Prejudice, set in Philippines? I'm sold.

prep & prejudice miren b. flores pride and prejudice retelling #romanceclassPrep and Prejudice by Miren B. Flores 
Contemporary Romance, Retelling, Filipino Lit 
October 4, 2016

You can take the girl out of teenage hell, but can you take teenage hell out of the girl?

At fourteen, Andrea was a geeky, gangly teenager who spent one magical summer with the rich and famous—surrounded by art, polo ponies, and children who bear the names of corporations and main avenues. She had a mad crush on handsome trust fund baby Manolo, but her silly romantic notions were painfully crushed one night by spoiled, arrogant Jaime—the one boy she loved to hate, and who hated her right back.

More than a decade later, Andrea is overworked and under-loved, with no man in sight and no intention of getting back to the delusional business of hoping and throwing caution to the wind. Ordered by her doctor to hightail it out of the city and into a true-blue vacation, she and her best friend, hippie-heiress Pilar, head off to a small, soon-to-open resort on a southern island. But Andrea’s plans of a tranquil summer holiday are ruined by cruel reminders of the past—taking her back to her humiliations and her thwarted desires.

Manila, Philippines

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Paris, France

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San Enrique, Philippines

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Brisa Marina Beach Resort, Morong, Bataan, Philippines

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Banca = a small Indigenous Philippine boat; a dugout canoe without outriggers and bamboo roof Pilyo = naughty; mischevious
Kabayo = horse
Talisay = tree

(aka Cebuano, the Filipino dialect of the Cebu's.)

Guwapo = handsome

Tia = aunt
Como estas = How are you
Yo tambiente extrano = I miss you, too
Abrazos = hug; embrace
Hijo = son

"[S]omeimes...the body says out loud what the brain won't acknowledge. Sometimes your body will scream because you've become too good at not listening."

--Miren B. Flores, Prep and Prejudice (Loc 1890)
We make our cages. We build them with uncertainties and hesitation; with fears that, when left unchecked, grow into hate. Even self-loathing. Who ever said you didn't? Who said you never would be? You did.
--Miren B. Flores, Prep and Prejudice (Loc 2024)
He raises an eyebrow. "Last time, you forgot half of the stuff and we had to eat with our hands."
"I didn't hear you complaining when I became your plate," she retorts, handing him the picnic basket.
[. . .]
She glares at him, fighting the smile dancing on the corners of her mouth. "It took me forever to get rid of those chocolate stains. Let's not do that ever again."
He closes the gap between them, his free hand grabbing her hip and pulling her against him. His eyes and his voice go dark. "Deal," he murmurs. "I'll just eat...you."

 --Miren B. Flores, Prep and Prejudice (Loc 2078-2081)

Miren B. Flores has a weakness for bread, British accents, Parisian Instagram feeds, and everything lavender.

Loveless. Childless. Clueless. is her first sorta kinda book–and her nerdy, bookworm-y fourteen-year-old self couldn’t be prouder.

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