january 2018 | a look back

Feb 2, 2018

january has finally come to an end after what felt like 84 days. here's a look at all the happenings this month.


  • i finally met my friends baby after 1 month of being in nicu! he's so adorable and i am so happy for my friend and her baby boy.
  • watching LOVE, SIMON at an advanced screening on the 31st! many thanks to the studio for the invite!
  • marching + volunteering at the sacramento women's march. this was an experience for the books. so proud of everyone who organized, volunteered, planned, marched, spoke and everyone involved supporting + uplifting women.
  • my little brother turned 10! he's in the double digits now, how did that happen!?
  • 1 year anniversary of adopting the minimalist lifestyle. it's been a feat, at times harder than others, but here's to improving in the 2nd year of minimalism.
  • finally figured out how to get out of sleep paralysis quickly. i've been dealing with sleep paralysis for about 3 years now, and every time i'd had to suffer through it while panicking. if you've ever experienced it or heard about it, it's a terrifying experience. so to finally get out of it was a relief and i am going to celebrate. if you want to know how i did it, let me know in the comments or email or on twitter.
  • attended aclu of sacramento county's annual event and the in-person training, as well as the aclu training for change makers webinar series. i've learned so much from the aclu of sac county + northern california in the past year, and i am grateful that they take the time to help educate us regular folk on what's going on and guide us on how to get our voice heard on important issues. if you have a local aclu chapter near you and want to learn how to get involved, i recommend checking them out.
  • i binge-watched for the first time in...a long time. i hardly have time to watch tv (which explains why i'm way behind on all my fave shows), so it felt nice to sit down and watch something. show in question: baby daddy. i forgot how funny that show was. can't believe they ended the show like that without telling us a certain baby's name. what kind of cliffhanger is this!?


  • i was sick for half of the month. i still don't know what i had. it started off with the worst sore throat i've ever experienced that lasted for 3 days, lost my voice for a couple of days after, had bloody nose every other day or so (one time lasted 4 hours! what even?), cough that wouldn't quit and other cold symptoms. it was hard to function, especially when i couldn't rest like you're supposed to when you're sick. perhaps it's time to get that flu shot.
  • being sick got in the way of work, and my photography, but the silver lining is that it gave me time to focus on intern duties, so i guess it wasn't all bad.
  • dealing with and figuring out how to fix the changes with my health care. sigh.
  • tried, then failed, to get my mom into minimalism. after hearing our state governor mention the possibility of another recession ahead, she freaked out and asked me to show her the ropes. let's just say it did not stick. hopefully, february will be more successful.

what i read

it may seem like i read a lot this month, but majority were short stories, poetry, essay collections and novellas. probably only 13 of them were full length novels, and the rest were around 100 pages.

what i listened to

finesse (remix) // bruno mars x cardi b
curious // hayley kiyoko
wait // maroon 5
giants (tagalog version) // lights
despacito (mandarin version) // luis fonsi x jj lin


no adventures this month, unfortunately. stay tuned for next month.

posts this months

{story diary} ripped pages by m. hollis

postcards from bali

looking forward to

  • all the february book and movie releases!
  • love and fifty author signing event in sacramento. the very last one. *cries*
  • electing more progressive candidates for midterms!

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