february 2018 | a look back

Feb 28, 2018

february was rough for many of us in a number of ways that left us feeling various things.


  • my lola (grandma) came home after a year in the philippines!
  • BLACK PANTHER. the best mcu movie out there (so far). don't @ me. it's up to par with thor: ragnarok in my opinion and i recommend everyone to go watch it if/when you can.
  • sent out valentine's day cards to immigrants via toimmigrantswithlove.com
  • watched LOVE, SIMON again at another advanced screening. it was even better the second time. (thanks again to the studio for the invite!)
  • attended the very last love and fifty author signing event here in sacramento. it was bittersweet, but made such fun memories and met some new-to-me authors. thanks to the organizers who hosted this event for the past 3 years.
  • requested a handful of #ownvoices diverse books at our local district community/public libraries. i see a couple of them as 'ordered' so fingers crossed.
  • attended the aclu sac county's 'meet your da' program meeting, where we discussed da candidate debates for the upcoming election in june, and more. never underestimate you state da. if yours is up for re-election this year, make sure to do research and vote responsibly.
  • i only had two submissions to read over and report this month for my internship. i needed this little break, so thank you, entangled! 


  • the florida high school shooting was as devastating as every mass shooting we've had here, so this brought even more of a heavy heart. however, these kids are not letting this go quietly as other shootings have. they are our future, and they are going to lead and fix our mess. their strength and resilience is absolutely inspiring. people attacking them -- both during and after the shooting -- messed with the wrong school.
  • on the topic of the school shootings, my little brother wants to be homeschooled. i'm pitching in to buy my little brother a bulletproof backpack and practice active shooting drills to finish off the school year before considering private or homeschooling.
  • my eyesight has significantly gotten worse in the last two months, i'm hoping it's not anything serious. fingers crossed it's nothing worse than a change of prescription.

what i read

total books read: 36

poetry: 11
novelette/novella: 2
nonfic: 8
kidlit: 3
ya: 12

what i listened to

for you // liam payne x rita ora
big spender // kiana lede x prince charlez
getting over you // lauv
god's plan (rock cover) // fame on fire
love lies // khalid x normani
new world // krewella x yellow claw x vava

[my full february playlist here]


san francisco

Bay Bridge

inspiration/motivation of the month

the survivors of the parkland shooting calling our politicians and adult voters out. these kids are not holding back. they are our future and i am ready to vote for them. (please run for a public office once you're eligible!) in the meantime, make sure to register to vote, and then go out an vote, vote, vote! it's one way to bring about change and to show we are serious. let them know that they need to step up or step out.

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february 2018 playlist

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looking forward to in march

  • the national school walkout. i'll be volunteering and marching with my little brother and parents. we are marching for my little brother and sister, their school peers and every kid out there. don't care who this upsets. die mad about it.

♥ how was your february? did you do anything fun?
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