sacramento women's march 2018

Jan 21, 2018

[collage of photos from march]

yesterday, january 20, was the second women's march and it was nothing short of inspiring and empowering. i marched and volunteered at our local women's march in sacramento with a few of my friends. last year we marched; this year we got involved to help support.

we marched alongside approximately ~36,000 people from southshide park all the way to the state capitol building steps, where advocates and immigrants had delivered inspiring speeches that uplifted and empowered women, condemned sexual assault/violence as well as racist and xenophobic policies, and called for people to vote this upcoming midterm elections.

huge thank you's to the organizers, speakers, advocates, attendees, volunteers, the city of sacramento, chp, and women's march sac for letting us volunteer to help out at the event. this monumental event was incredibly important to have our voices heard.

help the blue wave/tsunami gain momentum by flipping the seats locally with and advocate, volunteer or donate. or just read their guides and explainers -- there are amazing resources that constituents can utilize if they want to get involved politically. let's grab 'em by the midterms.

♥ did you attend your local march? or see
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