postcards from bali

Jan 15, 2018 Bali, Indonesia

last year in october, i joined a group of girls for a blogger retreat in bali, indonesia where we learned everything to know about blogging from hosting, coding, photo editing, web optimization, seo, marketing, design and monetizing your blog from three expert web developers who were our lovely hosts of this retreat. 

we spent 10 days learning, morning yoga-ing or meditating, growing, exploring, sweating (bali heat is so different than california heat), playing with monkey's, networking, learning a few indonesian and balinese words, coffee tasting and of course eating delicious food. 

places we explored:

  • ubud monkey forest
  • la laguna beach
  • watercress cafe
  • tegenungan waterfall
  • tegalalang rice terraces
  • milk and madu
  • ulun danu beratan temple
  • satria coffee plantation
  • kynd community (bali's famous smoothie bowls)
  • taman ayun temple
  • canggu sunday market
  • nalu bowls
  • pura taman saraswati temple

it was amazing to get to experience both this workshop and the beautiful island of bali, and i hope to put the skills and tools they taught us to use, and to also come back to bali on a vacation. there's so many more places in bali that i want to explore.

many thank you's to the wonderful hosts, cooks, drivers and bali locals who were so kind to us and showed us around and exposed us to the balinese culture and traditions. i will always remember and cherish this experience and your hospitality.

♥ have you ever been to bali or dream of going someday?
tell me about it in the comments below! ♥
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