{minimalist kingdom} one year of minimal and mindful living

Jan 15, 2018

this month marks one year of mindful and intentional living (aka minimalism), and it's been a journey of learning, struggles, failures, falling back to old habits, progress and lessons. let me tell you guys, it's still a journey and a learning experience a year in. 

in a feature on the blog, i will be sharing about my journey and things i've learned since adopting the minimalist lifestyle. the good, the bad and the ugly failures. but i'll also share some tips that i've found helpful that will hopefully help some of you guys looking to venture into minimalism.

i hope you'll be following along this journey with me, and here's to improving in year 2. (hold me to this, guys. please.)

♥ what are your thoughts about minimalism?
would YOU try out minimalism? or are you
living the lifestyle? let me know in the comments! ♥
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