favorite songs from hopeless fountain kingdom

Jun 23, 2017

photo by astralwerks

halsey released her sophomore album hopeless fountain kingdom earlier this month, and we cannot stop listening to it. we reckon it might be on heavy rotation for the rest of the summer. this album was quite different than halsey's ep room 93 and first album badlands, and it was amazing to hear this side of her.

our music tastes changes a lot, but while we're a few weeks since the album release and had listened to it way too much, now's the perfect time to share our favorite songs from most to least favorite. spoiler alert: we like every single song on this album, which is a rarity for us.

disclaimer: this list is not a ranking of best or worst songs. this is our personal most to least favorites.

+ eyes closed
+ now or never
+ bad at love
+ don't play
+ strangers
+ devil in me
+ heaven in hiding
+ angel on fire
+ alone
+ 100 letters
+ lie
+ sorry
+ hopeless
+ good mourning
+ walls could talk

we can't wait to see the music videos for some of these songs and to see halsey perform them live on her tour.

♥ have you listened to halsey's new album yet?
what are your favorite songs? ♥
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