dreamology by lucy keating | lit meme

Apr 12, 2016

dreamology is an imaginative and dreamy tale of atmospheric adventures both in dreams and in real life, and meeting the boy of your dreams and trying to figure out how it’s possible. i immensely enjoyed this book that i ate it up… or was it all the oreo cake that was mentioned? i don’t know, this book made me hungry for my favorite things.

dreamology is such a perfectly fitting title for this book – it has a blend of dreams and psychology that makes this story fun and interesting. it’s an imaginative and dreamy tale that any dreamer will absolutely eat up. personally, sleep psychology has always fascinated me because of my lucid dreaming tendencies, so i was immediately drawn in to this story. it’s a total trip to seep into the characters dreams and try to differentiate it from reality. it also showed much love for oreo cake and pizza. i mean, what’s not to like and relate to!? you guys will enjoy this dreamy contemporary.

dreamology is out today, so go forth and read it, eat it, fall in love with max and dream about it.

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title: dreamology
author: lucy keating
publication date: april 12, 2016
publisher: harper teen
genre: young adult, contemporary, magical realism
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