{raditorial} legoland | carlsbad, ca

Mar 31, 2016 Carlsbad, CA, USA

my family and i went on a 8-hour road trip to legoland in carlsbad, ca ealier this month. it was the little siblings (and my dad's) first time going, and mine and my mom's second time. while there were many attractions, it was no surprise that we spent majority of the time in the star wars attraction. the boys are die-hard star wars fans, so you can probably guess how hyped they were in the star wars area. 

there was no star wars installation when i was here when i was a kid, so part of this trip felt new to me too.

i'm so happy the little ones got to experience this, and i hope we can take them back to explore the rest of legoland when they're a bit older.

♥ have you been to legoland (in ca or fl) before?
what's your favorite attraction? if you haven't been 
yet, which attractions are you most excited to visit? ♥
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