{watch, read & listen} the ever after, the walls around us, halsey

Feb 16, 2015

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aussie actress teresa palmer and her husband mark produced, directed and starred in an indie film they created together based on love and marriage, both the good and ugly side of it. 

stream or buy the movie on theeveraftermovie.com 

on the outside, there's violet, an eighteen-year-old dancer days away from the life of her dreams when something threatens to expose the shocking truth of her achievement.
on the inside, within the walls of the aurora hills juvenile detention center, there's amber, locked up for so long she can't imagine freedom. 

tying their two worlds together is orianna, who holds the key to unlocking all the girls' darkest mysteries… 

what really happened on the night orianna stepped between violet and her tormentors? what really happened on two strange nights at aurora hills? will amber and violet and orianna ever get the justice they deserve—in this life or in another one? 

in prose that sings from line to line, nova ren suma tells a supernatural tale of guilt and of innocence, and of what happens when one is mistaken for the other.

the walls around us doesn't release until next month, but algonquin young readers kindly sent me an advanced review copy (thank you, algonquin!) and i was in awe. the writing and storytelling was organic, raw, imaginative and powerful. it definitely earned its starred review from kirkus and other review sites its received. it's impressive. make sure to get your copy next month!

listen to all the halsey songs on her room 93 ep. it's atmospheric and haunting.

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