lailah book swag

Sep 13, 2014

some amazing LAILAH book swag showed up at my doorstep today from the lovely nikki kelly, author of LAILAH. the fierce reads team did a fantastic job with the array of book swag that readers will absolutely love.

what's included:

  • lailah bookplate (signed)
  • (1) lailah bookmark
  • (1) lailah trifold...thing (signed)
  • (1) #teamjonah bookmark (signed)
  • (1) #teamgabriel bookmark (signed)
  • (1) lailah silicone bracelet
  • (1) #teamgabriel silicone bracelet
  • (1) #teamjonah silicone bracelet

i can't wait for you all to read LAILAH, and to see if you are on #teamjonah or #teamgabriel. many thank you's to fierce reads and nikki for sending us styclar street team founders these amazing lailah goodies.

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