{empty mystics} super new moon in aquarius

Jan 30, 2014

tonight is the second new moon in january, both of which are a supermoon. however, tonight’s supermoon is in aquarius. this brings astrological shifts in motion. and if you’re familiar with astrology, aquarius is not only a water sign, but it’s also a sign that reminds us to see the big picture, make good choices, break free from bad habits and relationships, reminds us that it’s time to heal, to let go and to follow the beat of your own drum. having both new moons in one month brings double new beginnings.

the aquarius new moon represents freedom and liberation. it offers a new outlook on life. it can empower you to move in a bold direction, for a new cycle is beginning. you just have to know what you want and take it. in that, you awaken to your divine destiny and shine your own light. you may just find a part of yourself that has been begging for expression that has been under your radar for quite a while. the change you want to see in your life begins with you.

supermoons strengthen the impact for change.

aquarian new moon reminds us to use our power wisely.

keep your ego on a short leash.

move out of your comfort zone.

live from your soul.

don’t let negativity hold you back from your dreams.

this energy promotes your creative self-expression.
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