budget-friendly college materials

Aug 16, 2013

Starting college this year? Back to school? Still hassling around for textbooks? One of many issues that most college students run into are expensive textbooks for class. While many go to the campus bookstore to buy them, the rest of us are looking for a more affordable outlet.

Chegg. While Chegg does not have a physical store, they do have a website where you can order to buy or rent a textbook. If you sign up for their mailing list on their website, they email coupons of discounts and free shipping. The books they provide are more affordable whether you’re looking forward to buy or rent from them. On top of that, their customer service is reliable. Might want to hurry because classes start soon.

Valore Books. As per Chegg, Valore Books provides affordable books — some may be cheaper or more expensive than the other, so it’s advisable to compare the sites to fit your budget better. Also signing up for their mailing list will assure some discounts of their own. And when you’re done with the semester, send the rented ones back or sell the books you bought right back to them. 

College Book Renter. Another reliable and affordable site to buy, rent, or sell textbooks.

eCampus. If you need another comparison, this would the one. One of the lowest prices I’ve come across so far.

eBates. This doesn’t help your textbook needs necessarily, but if you’re a struggling college student, using eBates every time you shop online you will receive a check. Free money mailed out to you without any catches, who can refuse?

UPromise. It’s a bit similar to eBates except the money goes straight to your college fund whether you’ve opened an account for it or not — it’s a great start. It’s not common to receive money just for shopping, so might as well seize the opportunity when it presents itself. Now that we’ve got the textbooks out of the way, that leaves back to school clothes and supplies. I have an eclectic taste, so if you’re not into urban styles, ignore the rest of this post. A few stores have launched their Fall lines, and everyone is already diving for some new clothes for the forthcoming fall season.

Ever felt that you needed an assistant to help balance college life and personal life, but couldn’t afford one? Well, Fancy Hands has you covered.

What’s Fancy Hands? It’s an internet savvy personal assisting service. No worries, you can trust founder Ted Roden to hire their most smart and savvy employees to complete every task you throw in their lap. Need to reschedule an appointment, email your manager or professor, book a hotel? They can take care of that for you. They can do any task that doesn’t involve the need of being present in person, so they unfortunately can’t FedEx a package for you. The best part of it is it’s wallet-friendly: $25 gets you 5 requests. While they take care of the smaller tasks for you, you can balance college and personal life without breaking a sweat.
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